About the Team


Founded in 2005, Equity Builders, Inc. has grown a solid reputation over the years within the San Diego community.  A shining example of reputable business practices; thriving even during the economic downturn.  Joe would say himself, “we owe most of our success to our repeat clients and word of mouth referrals”.  Equity Builders' business strategy is to not waste money on expensive advertising but to let their work speak for itself.  Equity Builders strives to match its contracting skills with equally reliable professional business practices.  Consistently delivering quality work, while widely known for getting the job done on time and on budget.


Joe Archambault

Growing up in Massachusetts and working for his dad, also a general contractor, starting at a young age, Joe was able to get some of the basics under his belt.  After working alongside his dad for about six years after school, on weekends, and during the summers, it was time for Joe to move onto the next chapter in his life.

This is when Joe decided to go to college and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.  During his tenure in Boston, Joe utilized his experience and put himself through school with contracting jobs and moonlighting as a bartender at various locations around the city.  Post-graduation, Joe utilized his engineering degree working in the printed circuit board manufacturing industry as a product engineer.  It was here that Joe developed a great deal of technical knowledge in the field of electromechanical engineering along with production line assemblies.

After a couple years of corporate life, Joe began to feel the grind, igniting an itch within him to flee the harsh winters of New England and moved to San Diego without knowing a soul.  Within three short years working as a carpenter and a superintendent in San Diego, Joe teamed up with Kevin Ollila and derived Equity Builders, Inc.  Marrying his beautiful wife Renee in 2009 and expanding his family with his daughters Aria in 2013 and Iridae in 2015.  Joe continues to strive to make Equity Builders, Inc a leading contractor in the San Diego community.


Kevin Ollila

Kevin’s vast wealth of experience, garnered with a construction career spanning five decades, serves our clients well with the ability to value engineer our projects.  

 Kevin began his career working summers as a hod carrier in Juneau, Alaska. Two years later, his father started his own construction company where he learned all aspects of building and the value of hard work. Taking short cuts was not an option; pride of workmanship was ingrained in the young Kevin, taking after his father and grandfather.

In the mid-80s, Kevin moved to Oregon and continued his construction career with various contracting companies. He quickly earned a reputation as a problem solver. The nickname “MacGyver” followed him for many years.  

After growing tired of building in rain and snow, Kevin moved his family to San Diego in 2001. Working as a Superintendent for contractors in San Diego quickly frustrated Kevin. Building with integrity and pride of workmanship seemed in short supply. He was compelled to start a new construction company in 2005. As luck would have it, that is the time Kevin met like-minded Joe and the two joined forces.